Perhaps this question we have all asked ourselves at some time in life, and several times it has been answered, some say that we learn why we are human, because we want to take control, because we are not alone, out of curiosity.

Learning is defined as “the process through which abilities, skills, knowledge, behaviors and values ​​are modified and acquired. This as a result of study, experience, instruction, reasoning and observation”.

But, what is the difference between learning and memorizing data? When we study a new language at school they give us the structure and some examples, we take…

Both Arrokoth (recently visited by NASA’s New Horizons mission) and Pluto lie in the Kuiper Belt, a donut-shaped region of icy bodies beyond the orbit of Neptune. There may be millions of these icy objects, collectively called Kuiper Belt objects (KBOs) or trans-Neptunian objects (TNO), in this distant region of our solar system.

Like the asteroid belt, the Kuiper Belt is a region left over from the early history of the solar system. …

Nuclear energy is everywhere from the smallest like our atoms, the sun that we see every day, and everything that exists as matter, as energy, let’s start with the important thing, the formation of energy at the atomic level and for this it is It is necessary to remember that they are atoms.

Atoms: It is the smallest particle in which an element can be divided without losing its chemical properties, it is formed by a nucleus of protons (positive particles), neutrons and a shell of electrons, the negative charge.

Isotopes: It belongs to the same chemical element with the…

When in 1985 the German physicist Wilhem Conrad Rötgen discovered X-rays, those who claimed to sell glasses capable of seeing through clothing also appeared, many men bought them, on the other hand, women were also fooled when someone announced that they sold underwear anti X-rays, both products were sold by the thousands, and despite the fact that scientists claimed that this was false, men and women continued to deceive each other, humanity for some reason always preferred to listen to charlatans, the human being despite being the most smart is also the most gullible.

Much mystery and also some conspiracy…

The Black Death or The Plague is one of the most devastating pandemics in history, there have been different outbreaks, but the most virulent affected Asia, Europe and North Africa in the mid-fourteenth century causing an estimated 30 million deaths, the The cause was the bacterium Yersinia pestis, which is why in the 19th century it was called Black Death, rodents such as rats and gerbils, were carriers of this disease and it reached humans through the bite of fleas.

There are three types of plague: pneumonic, bubonic, and septicemic.

People infected by fleas acquire the bubonic form of the…

This invisible and distant region of the solar system is home to hundreds of billions of icy bodies, bordering on the attraction of the sun.
Orbiting very fragile, almost motionless, the most distant comets from the Sun can be affected by any force of gravity, the stars closest to the solar system. The solar system is subjected during its journey through the galaxy, gravitational influences that can alter this balance and cause the comets to fall at the heart of the system and therefore the planets. …

Pirated operating system, pirated programs and for a change, pirated antivirus, the justification, “is that it is very expensive”, “it works the same”, “I’m not going to pay the empire”, but is it worth having everything cracked?

Imagine that your computer is your home, that place where you live with your loved ones, your pet, you have dinner with your family in the warmth of a fireplace while the dim moonlight enters through the windows and illuminates the crystalline eyes of your Children, small, fragile, those people who trust you, you don’t want something bad to happen to them, right?

The tireless search for magnetic fields in the Universe has led scientists to invent new ways to reach even more remote areas.
In 2019 astronomers were able to examine a more dispersed region of space, the spread between galaxy clusters.There the largest magnetic field up to that time was discovered, 1.00*10^7 light years of magnetized space spanning the entire length of the cosmic lattice. …

Mount Olympus | Mars

When all of this material fell into the water of the ancient ocean of Mars, it created a mighty tsunami that stretched between 25 and 43 miles long and smashed into the coast of the planet’s northern hemisphere. Martian tsunamis are not a new idea. In 2015, researchers showed that impacts from space had splashed into the planet’s ancient ocean and raised giant waves. The latest findings could also help planetary scientists determine how big the ocean might have been.

Mega-waves on Mars

Frequency multipliers, circuits that can produce signals with multiple frequencies, are essential components for a number of technological tools, particularly wireless communication systems. Most existing multipliers, however, are built using filtering and amplifying circuits that are bulky and quickly drain a large amount of power.

Figure that explains the working principle behind the recent study (1a and 1b) and shows the experimental results collected by the researchers (1c). Credit: Mulaosmanovic et al.

Researchers at NaMLab in Germany have recently devised a single ferroelectric field-effect transistor that can serve as both a full-wave rectifier and a frequency multiplier. …

Danilo Nori

MSc. Experimental Physics, researcher at INFN

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